Shooting a spring gobbler with a shotgun sounds easy. After all, most shotguns throw a pattern larger than a basketball at 30 yards, and it only takes one pellet in the head to get the job done. However, any experienced hunter who says he has never missed likely has prevarication issues. Spring gobblers are exceedingly easy to miss for reasons that have nothing to do with a shotgun. As humans, we get excited when we see that big red head come into range, put the front sight bead on the bird’s head, and shoot. In the excitement, we often fail to put our cheek on the stock and the shot pattern flies high, further educating an all-too-smart trophy for another day.

SD Turkey 2014 258This season in South Dakota, I experimented with the TRUGLO ghost ring, an inexpensive, easy to install sight that virtually eliminates the possibility of the above scenario taking place. The circular rear sight forces you to keep your cheek on the stock and make an accurate shot. In fact, the sight was so accurate that I could vary the pattern hit on a paper turkey target. TRUGLO makes the Tru-Point Extreme Turkey ghost ring sight, which is adjustable and attaches to the ventilated rib of a wide range of shotguns. It’s actually endorsed by the National Wild Turkey Federation and is one product that can really make a difference when shooting in excited situations. Check it out at a local sports shop or go to for more details.

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