At first blush, hog hunting may seem like pestilence control, yet the more time you spend pursuing them, the more they will seem like a big game animal.  If hogs are heavily hunted, they may become completely nocturnal just like a wily buck that’s been pressured.  Hogs are difficult to kill and require exact shot placement, especially large hogs that have been known to survive a double-lung arrow hit.

Bonus Opportunity

Stalking pigs is great fun.

I had the good fortune to hunt on a Texas ranch in January last year.  The owner used the wild porkers as a game species, yet allowed one to be taken if a hunter filled his deer tag. My CAMX crossbow was well dialed in and took a management 8-point buck the first morning, allowing me a shot at a ranch pig.

The next evening I watched a feeder as a 100-pounder came to  graze on corn.  By stalking carefully, I was able to close the distance to 42 yards, took a steady aim and put a broadhead through both shoulders.  Damage done by the large Raptor expandable, restricted its retreat to 75 yards before crashing.  The chops were tasty and the stalk and shot quite exciting.

Ranch Hog ABC’s

Tim Herald does a comprehensive job of explaining the benefits, excitement and preparation needed for a hog hunt.  You’ll enjoy his words at: