Imagine a crossbow with 415 fps speed, 153 ft-lbs of energy for less than $400 including tax.  That may sound crazy, but that’s all it costs to become a serious crossbow hunter or shooter this fall.  I finally got one to test and I have been most impressed.  Here’s a quick review of the pros and cons:

Shooting from a rest is dangerous to arrows because accuracy is so precise.

Accuracy– I’ve shot dozens of brands of crossbows over the years and have learned that sighting in a crossbow at 20 yards can easily damage arrows.  Generally, at 30 yards there is enough wiggle room in the shooting system so that arrows don’t strike arrows.  I was WRONG. The bow package comes with three carbon arrows and on my second “group shot” I heard the plastic crack.  Upon inspection, I could see that my second field point had struck the first arrow nock, chipping it and possibly cracking the shaft.  Never re-use any carbon shaft that has even hint of damage.

Next, I tried Easton FMJ arrows.  These are the Lexus, maybe the Rolls Royse, of crossbow arrows and I had a similar experience.  On my first attempt at 30 yards I got a complete Robin Hood, great for the ego, but $30 bucks down the drain.  Luckily, I have a full dozen and these shafts will begin my hunting season on September 11th.

Physical Properties- The limbs of the Amped are more narrow than traditional bows, 12

At 30 yards I got a full Robin Hood, an indication of the quality of the Easton arrows and the accuracy of the bow.

inches cocked, and 15.75 Axle-to-axle uncocked.  Overall, the bow has a very sturdy feel with a weight of just under eight pounds.  The EZ Adjustable Tactical stock is exactly that.  With the push of a button, you can create the perfect length of pull.  It also helps with sighting allowing you to get further from your scope without detaching and resighting.  The bow comes with a 4-arrow quiver which is a must.  You can carry three arrows with broadheads and one target point for discharge in the field.  I found the bow to be quiet, thanks to the sturdy build and string dampening.

Upgrade the Scope- The package scope is adequate but not something I’d want to hunt with.  If you will be shooting at close range, the traditional grid may work, yet at the moment of truth, things get exciting and I want the best look possible.  The long Picatinny rail over the trigger box makes installing a scope simple and sturdy.  I’ve had wimpy rails bend, but you won’t have that problem with this hefty base.

Safety Features- Most modern bows come with Anti-Dry Fire technology, but the Amped

The Centerpoint Amped has Anti-Dry Fire and a safety that won’t disengage unless an arrow is loaded.

goes a step further.  Not only will the bow not fire without an arrow, but the safety will not disengage.  Many shooters don’t give the ADF device much thought, yet if you shoot enough, your mind will wander on the practice range and you’ll try to shoot the bow without an arrow loaded.  Believe me, it’s much easier than you think.  Although the Amped has an optional crank cocking device, I like a cocking rope because it’s simpler and I can get a second shot if needed.  The trigger is a final safety feature.  Insurance risks force manufactures to set their triggers and 3 pounds or higher.  Centerpoint has low poundage but long trigger travel so that the bow will not accidentally discharge.

For more information on the CenterPoint line, check  For a broader look at 2020 crossbows, check out my new book “Crossbow Hunting- A YouTube Quick Guide” which highlights 14 new bows including videos of each.