Spring turkey season is just down the road, and it’s time to be thinking about the best places to hunt. Weather and available food sources are two key ingredients. You can be proactive in providing the kinds of early spring foods turkeys will eat. You don’t have to worry about food choices between gobblers and hens, since “old tom” is in total breeding mode and has his feeble mind on other things. If you can attract hens, the gobblers will follow. Sam Parrish speaks to his experience of actually camping out near a food source and interviews biologist Brian Lovett on the food choices for spring turkeys in this post from the Whitetail Institute.

Ohio Deer 2010 064Meteorologists must not turkey hunt. Well, maybe some of them do, but not most. If they did, they’d surely lobby their respective state game agencies to ensure that spring turkey season opened when the weather was warm and comfortable. If you’ve turkey hunted much, you know that’s not always the case.

I experienced that firsthand last spring, when Wisconsin’s second turkey period coincided with howling winds and sub-freezing temperatures. Although I didn’t enjoy dressing like I was on a late-season duck hunt, I was fairly optimistic. Sure, the birds would still be wadded up in large winter groups. Yes, they probably wouldn’t gobble much. And of course, I wouldn’t be able to sit for more than an hour or two without being miserable. However, a friend’s foresight had given me an ace in the hole: an early-season food source… [continued]

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