A tree stand is the most dangerous place a hunter will climb; I’ll bet you know of people who have been injured from tree-stand falls. To combat this ongoing problem, Ameristep has introduced the Hurricane Safety System at the 2014 Shot Show. Millions of deer hunters can hunt more safely by using any one of these three products:

Treestand Power Grab: This is one of those duh products — as in, Why didn’t I think of that? Basically, it’s a grab bar that you install at the climb-in point of any tree stand. You screw it securely into the tree so that you have a solid hold getting into and out of your stand.

Treestand Power Step: Most accidents occur at the entry point of hang-on stands. SHOT 2014 2 016This system attaches one or two cleated rectangular steps at the stand’s entry point, greatly reducing the chance of slipping with muddy or icy boots.

SHOT 2014 2 019Treestand Powerlok: As a tree grows, its diameter expands, putting tremendous pressure on a tree stand’s attachment chain. Whether you use a lock-on or ladder stand, your added weight on the stand could be just enough to snap the cable and send you crashing. The PowerLok allows you to release the tension and reset it again in seconds with the turn of a wrench. The PowerLok acts like a ratchet so that you can’t over tighten it. Each year you can be assured that the attachment chain is snug, but not stressed to the breaking point.

These three items are relatively inexpensive and can easily save your life.  For more information, visit ameristep.com.