Busted!  Don’t you hate when a deer suddenly sees you just as you are about to raise your rifle or draw your bow.  Dan Schmidt narrates this YouTube video and it may be the best five minutes you spend preparing for opening day.  As hunters we go to great lengths to avoid being spotted by deer, and you are about to get a rundown of tips to remember. To be a more successful hunter, learn these tips about deer vision.

Match Your surroundings

One of my favorite hunting outfits is a Scentblocker suite in snow camouflage.  It isn’t all white, yet has lots of white across the jacket and pants.  Two Decembers ago, i was sitting under an evergreen tree with freshly fallen snow.  As I waited on a deer drive, five very nervous deer walked withing ten feet of my location and never looked at me.  At any moment I expected one of these ultra-cautious does to look at me and spook, yet they never knew I existed.  Fortunately, a nice buck came along next and I shot it at 20 yards.  Personally, I like white in a camouflage pattern because it helps to break up the human figure, something Schmidt will highlight in this video.