Crappies can be fun to catch and good to eat, making them a target for many anglers. Their diverse diet, including worms and other insects, mean anglers can catch them using a variety of baits and techniques. And because they form large schools, you may catch many in a day. Though they may seem scarce in the fall, OutdoorHub’s Bob Jensen says you can find them in crappie hot spots.

Bob-Jensen-fall-crappie-fishing-Photo courtesy of Bob Jensen

In many lakes, you’ll find the crappies in the deeper areas of the lake. It’s not unusual to find them in water 25 to 30 feet deep. Much of the time, they’ll be in an area that has no structure or unusual features to attract the fish. They’ll just be out in the basin of the lake within a foot or two of the bottom, for example. They could be relating to baitfish or bugs, but most of the time they’ll be where they are for no apparent reason other than they’ve got to be somewhere.

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Photos: (top); Bob Jensen (above)