Lee Jackson is a designer for Field & Stream outdoor apparel. Here, Vel models a warm winter coat in Realtree camo.

Posted by Joseph Byers on Friday, January 20, 2017

The Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT) provides a unique opportunity for manufacturers to show their products to the public in small, detail oriented settings.  Stephanie Mallory, Marketing Executive for the Field and Stream brand coordinated a meeting between Lee Jackson, a design engineer for hunting and outdoor apparel and myself.  After joking about the chance to meet my first real, live designer, he showed me a series of innovative apparel products for the coming year, all available at Dicks Sporting Goods, Field & Stream retail stores, and on-line.

2017 SHOT Show 064Rain Gear- Two Programs

Rain gear was first on the agenda and he had two lines to present.  The first was ultra light and pack-able, such that the full jacket nested into one of its pockets and zipped shut for easy of packing.  The pants, also in Realtree camo were effective and the entire package weighted just over one pound.  Secondly, Lee rolled out a heavy-duty rain gear that had more taped seams and extra protection along with enhanced breath-ability.  This line was made for serious rain conditions in situations where hunters formally wore rubber.  Incredibly, each of these garments sold for less than $79.   Compare that to some of the newer high-tech labels that sell for $500 and more.

Cold Weather Gear

2016 FL Hog Hunt 208Warm weather gear received innovative touches as well.  First, the winter parka featured zippered chest pockets ideal for a cell phone, calls, rangefinder and everything is right at your fingertips without opening your jacket which allows precious warmth to escape.  The lining of the coat was a beautiful, soft fleece that made you feel warm just looking at it.  Finally, in addition to side storage pockets for shells, and gear, the jacket had chest high pockets that are perfect for keeping your hands warm and at the ready.  Personally, I rarely wear a glove on my right hand so that my fingers are nimble to flick a safety or pull a trigger with skin-sensitive touch.  This unique pocket design allows you to keep your hand warm without wearing a glove.

Dedicated Women’s Line

Outdoor writer and my wife of 49 years, models a very warm jacket, perfectly fitted for women.
Outdoor writer and my wife of 49 years, models a very warm jacket, perfectly fitted for women.

Field and Stream has put quality ingredients in their women’s line such as NOSCENT C3 antimicrobial and micro porous mineral technologies, SMARTWICK for increased breathability, and HYDROPEL for breathable water resistance.  Yes, this new gear is cut to fit women, not just a smaller version of men’s clothing.  It may be OK to look like your dad, but not your brother and as the video above illustrated, these garments look as good as they work.   As mentioned, you can find these and other great Field & Stream garments at Dicks’ Sporting Goods, Field & Stream Reatail stores, and on-line at www.fieldandstreamshop.com