If you’re obsessed with shed hunting (as many of us are), or if you simply enjoy the few hours a week you can spend searching the quiet woods, we all have one thing in common. We want to find more shed antlers.

It can be frustrating to search all day, and come home with very few antlers to show for it. Just as when deer hunting, shed hunters can do a few things that will improve their chances.

Field & Stream has some advice to share with you.

With one of the hardest winters in years coming to a close, and hanging on relentlessly in some parts of the country, shed hunting season has begun throughout most of North America. The following are profiles of four shed hunters from different regions of the country with varying backgrounds and experience. They share their collections, methods of success and their future aspirations to provide a snapshot of this steadily growing sport… [continued]

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Photo: Eugene Mancl