Things go wrong in the woods, but don’t make thing worse than what they already are. That’s exactly what Former Miss Kansas did.

TV hunting star Theresa Vail, host of Limitless With Theresa Vail, shot a second grizzly bear by accident in Alaska, and then tried to cover it up.

Shooting the second bear by accident could have been a minor thing if she had just reported it, as she should have. But she schemed a way to purchase another tag after the kill, and illegally tagged the bear.

Grand View Outdoors has the full report.

An attorney involved with the case said Vail allegedly took a shot at a boar grizzly during a hunt on May 26 near Aniak, Alaska, and killed it. She took her eye off the sights for a split second to reload and saw what she thought was the same bear standing up, took another shot and later found out she’d killed a second bear. The attorney said guide Michael Renfro obtained another bear tag after he’d been alerted of Vail’s second kill… [continued]