Hunting is often a rural activity and rarely experienced in a positive way by millions of young people in large cities. That is, where do you hunt if you live in Queens, Cleveland, or Los Angeles? Fortunately, Universal Hunter magazine has been supporting Camp Compass, which exposes inner-city youth to the hunting world we all know and love. Here’s an example of their results and information on how you can assist in this worthy cause.

Universal Hunter magazine believes in what Camp Compass is all about” stated Editor Chantelle Enslin. “After finding out how deep they take their children in the educational process, it was a no brainer to step up and to give their hardworking children a chance to be published.” The magazine offers students that go on hunts the chance to have their story published. “Another type of trophy we can all be proud of,” stated John Annoni, founder of the charity. “We are proud the staff at UHM are bullets for our children.”

byers014 “At Camp Compass we pride ourselves in being the premier youth adolescent development program in the county that uses hunting for rewards and when you compound youth with the pen it can give readers a point of view that is strong. We see ourselves light years ahead of the standard one day events and this is just one powerful aspect that adds to our educational component,” Annoni stated from the SHOT show Floor.

To learn more, you can visit, and to go a step, further visit the national orange ribbon campaign at and support the mission to make youth a priority in America’s hunting and shooting agenda.