Funniest Deer Camp Video of 2016

Deer camps are special places perhaps best illustrated by that immortal “Last day of Deer Camp” with a spacious cabin littered with every imaginable alcohol container, ash trays piled high, stacks of dirty clothes and dishes and blaze orange vests draped over most of the furniture. Rumor has it that some sportsmen show up in deer camp without a license or a rifle since they obviously came for the card games and libation with friends. Of course, that’s the cartoon version of a deer camp and most are places of levity and perhaps gross exaggeration as hunting stories are retold and buck sightings described. Language can be an issue as well. I can remember hearing words that were never allowed in my home and seemed to be tolerated, perhaps embraced by adults that verbally exposed their less formal side. Phrases like “monster buck” “wall hanger” and “giant” are used to excess either to Colorado Rifle Elk 2010 041explain the big one that got away or the one they are sure to see opening day. The subject of this Facebook video, “Did you catch any deers” comes later as hunters go back to polite society and friends and neighbors often ask about hunter results, using the “catch” phrase. Anglers “catch” fish, while hunters “kill” deer and there is a world of difference between the two, the hidden message of the video. Ironically, you may get into a debate over the word “deers” and be careful with any type of wager. I can remember hearing children use the word “deers” and correcting them until one bright student assure me that the usage was correct and that I should look at a dictionary to settle the matter. Sure enough, the plural for “deer” is “deers” according to the respected book, even though every country boy and girl knows it’s incorrect.