We’re headed for fall and it’s time to start getting ready for deer season. Put your fishing poles away, fuel up the 4-wheelers and tractors, and dust off those hiking boots. While you are at it, start shooting your bows.

Here’s your checklist for August:

  • Set cameras out and start inventorying your deer.
  • Check fawn recruitment in late August.
  • Set preliminary doe harvest guidelines based upon recruitment.
  • Kill annual plot sites to prep for annual planting.
  • Plant annuals (brassicas or green grains) sometime around mid-month.
  • Spruce up perennial plots by mowing when the hot weather turns cooler.
  • Check soft mast sites for trees bearing fruit.
  • Evaluate acorn and other hard mast production.
  • Do a quick, low impact check of stand locations.

The Hunting Page will be posting information on each of these topics in the weeks to come, so keep your eyes open for these upcoming articles!