Hunting glass makes a great gift for friends, family, or yourself.  Have a little extra Christmas cash to invest.  Why not improve your hunting success with the aide of new binoculars, spotting scope, or range finder.  Here are three great choices:


These optics are made in the USA, are of the finest quality, and make a very distinctive gift.  Maven builds optics to your specs and will customize a message right on the optic.  Do you have a special grandchild that you’d like to give a special gift?  Give him or her a camouflage pair of binoculars with your dedication right on the frame.  These specialized gifts will last a lifetime and like an autographed baseball, will always have a special remembrance.  For the full details go to their website at


This Styrka scope melted in the recent California fires and was replaced for free.

This is an emerging brand that’s quickly making a splash in the optics market.  I’ve used their scopes and binoculars over the past two years and been very impressed.  Styrka (pronounced “steer-ka”) had a sale earlier this year and a friend needed a pair of good binos for an African safari.  I bought him a pair and he and his professional hunter were very impressed.

Hunting optics must be able to handle bad weather and abuse.  I took a great buck on a blizzard-like day in South Dakota and the scope performed perfectly going from a warm truck to below zero temperatures. Additionally, Styrka products come with an amazing guarantee.  A customer recently lost his scope in the tragic California wildfires.  The person returned the melted blob to Styrka and received a brand new scope.  Check them out at

Axeon– Optics at an Amazing Price

Axeon offers a full line of hunting optics.

Axeon Optics have produced a line of lightweight, rugged, rifle scopes that really perform – and all for a fraction of the cost of similar scopes.The Axeon Hunting Series Scopes are high performance scopes in low light conditions. The glass used produces a crisp, clear  image, without fogging. Durable beyond compare, this series of scopes were tested by abusing them in many ways: left outside in all types of weather for long periods of time; frozen then thawed; tossing them against trees; strapping them to the front fork of a motorcycle and taking a very rough back-country ride. After all that, these scopes looked like they were scratched, beaten and battered, but they continued to perform beautifully, without fail.  At first I was concerned about quality gear at such a low cost.  Then I went shopping for televisions where I found flat-screens with all the latest technologies at a ridiculous price.  If they can make TV’s inexpensively, why not scopes?

Axeon offers a full line of hunting optics.  Check them out at