Wild geese are among the most abundant of wild game. Early season goose options allow as much venison as the average man can carry… and that’s just one day’s limit. Snow goose limits are among the most liberal in hunting because birds have so overpopulated their home grounds in Canada that they threaten their existence. As a result, you can hunt snow geese with little short of anti-aircraft shells.

Snow goose limits are liberal. Here’s how to cook them.

Preparation is Important

Despite the abundance of waterfowl and the large, boneless breasts they contain, cooking it takes care. If you just fry it, or grill it well done, much of the flavor is lost and your guests or family won’t be pleased. Always marinate goose breasts, cook them with cheese or vegetables, and don’t overcook. Connor Olstad shows you how to make goose-kabob in this YouTube video and, as you will see, it’s easy to make and fun to eat.

Fun on a Stick

Soaking goose breasts in milk overnight helps improve the flavor.

Personally, I love cooking all types of game in the shish-kabob fashion. It makes a great camp food or an informal dinner with friends. Additionally, if the bugs are bad or the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can whip up a batch, cook them, and put the result in a large bowl. If you use wooden sticks as skewers, be sure to soak them in water before using. Otherwise, the wood will burn and you will have a mess. I like to use stainless steel skewers to eliminate the possibility of stick burn. Be sure to lubricate the metal spears before cooking which helps the meat and veggies slide on easily and makes for easy clean-up.

Hi-Mountain Seasoning

The folks at Hi Mountain make a full line of seasoning for a variety of wild game. You can season steak, fish, poultry, make jerky, and a host of other outdoor delights. You can find it on-line or at many sporting goods stores. Here’s how easy goose-kabobs can be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zl_ecRQdf8&t=8s