Whitetail deer have the keenest senses of all big-game animals. Sneaking up on one is extremely difficult — so tough, in fact, that most hunters don’t try. An elevated tree stand is the universal answer, giving a hunter a good chance of bringing home the venison. Tree stands are very effective but offer their own perils; hunters need to take care to select the type of stand that best suits their hunting strategies and safety needs. If you like to move around or hunt multiple stands, a climber or hang-on is ideal. If you want ease-of-entrance and added safety, a ladder stand is your ticket. Here are three models that meet the gamut of hunting styles and should be on your radar for fall:

961The Drone: This stand recently won Field & Stream‘s “Best of the Best” Award. Unlike any other climbing trees stand on the market, The Drone features the patented Hex-Drive Technology, which allows you to make adjustments to the angles of both the standing and sitting platform with a simple turn of your wrist. This design provides you with the safest and fastest way to level your tree stand while climbing. Weighing only 22 lbs., the lightweight Drone features many of the classic Ol’ Man qualities but incorporates new oval tubing and an improved cable system. With fluorescent cable heads for easy assembly in the dark and oval tubing, the Drone eliminates the need for twisting a cable to align with the hole. Built-in accessory holders on either side are perfect for rangefinders, binoculars, rattling horns, and other hunting gear. The ComforTech net seat is quiet and comfortable. www.olmanoutdoors.com

974Millennium’s new M150 Monster: The M150 is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for the mobile hunter who appreciates his space. The M150 Monster features V-Brace Technology, which minimizes weight without compromising strength and stability. However, unlike its predecessor, the M150 Monster is designed with an adjustable seat height of 17″ – 20″ and 15 degrees of lean for tree-angle adjustment. The M150 Monster boasts a capacity of 300 lbs., weighs 19.5 lbs., and has a large and roomy platform measuring 37″ x 24″. www.millenniumstands.com

L360 Ladder Stand: As the name implies, the L360 ladder stand offers 360 903degrees of rotation to give you plenty of viewing and shooting opportunities. The high-back Comfort Max adjustable seat provides you with additional support and comfort. This 16-foot ladder stand accommodates every hunter, whether short or tall, with a seat that adjusts up to six inches. Other no-nonsense features include a 4-foot platform, surrounded by a padded shooting rail, which provides an ample amount of foot space and comfort. Designed with all the bells and whistles, the L360 allows you to cover the sides and back of your stand with little effort. Compare the L360 with other stands and you’ll see why it’s “game over” for the competition. For more information or to view an instructional video on the Millennium L360, visit www.millenniumstands.com.