Guaranteed Expandable Broadhead Deployment

Everyone wants to be on the cutting edge of technology. Bowhunting technology has come a long way in the last century, and broadheads have evolved tremendously in that time. Combining aerodynamics with powerful sharp cutting blades, mechanical broadheads maximize a hunter’s biggest advantage: innovation. Bowhunters have been getting better at bowhunting for tens of thousands of years because they are always improving their technology, looking for the next big invention in the bowhunting world.

Mechanical broadheads are one of those creative inventions. They’re a great option to take your hunt to the next level and improve your overall effectiveness as a bowhunter. Follow along as we review some of the technology behind SIK Broadheads and what makes this company so unique. The field-point accurate SK2 broadhead from SIK uses patented FliteLok Technology to guarantee the signature Offset Blade Design will deploy on impact, leaving your game with a 2″ offset entry wound and a 3.625″ cutting surface–and you with a brand-new trophy. Trust us, this is a broadhead you can take to heart. Enter the Core.

Four Years in the Making

Choosing a broadhead can be very difficult. Putting aside all the professional sponsorship hype, the flashy magazine photos, and what is on sale at the local outfitter, there are two main things your broadheads need: durability and dependability. In its four years of development, SIK Broadheads has worked to continuously improve to take SIK Broadheads to the next level, a whole new level.


2-Blade Expandable Broadhead with FliteLok Technology

  • Uses patented FliteLok Technology to guarantee broadhead will deploy on impact
  • Features signature Offset Blade Design
  • Produces a 2″ offset entry wound
  • Creates a 3.625″ cutting surface
  • Field-point accurate broadhead

F4 Fix Bladed Broadhead

4-Blade Cut on Contact Fixed Blade Broadhead

  • Most accurate fixed blade broadhead currently on the market
  • Includes four blades and an all laser-welded stainless steel construction
  • Features a 27-degree razor-honed blade angle
  • Produces a 1.350″ cutting diameter and a 3.350″ cutting surface
  • Field-point accurate broadhead

SIK F4CB Crossbow Broadhead

4-Blade Cut on Contact Fixed Blade Cross Bow Broadhead

  • The most accurate fixed blade crossbow broadhead currently on the market
  • Features a 4-blade, laser-welded stainless steel design
  • Features a 27-degree razor-honed blade angle
  • Produces a 1.350″ cutting diameter and a 3.350″ cutting surface
  • Field-point accurate broadhead

The End Result is Dependability 

Successful manufacturers who market broadheads know exactly how to sell quality equipment. The two biggest things that SIK Broadheads as a manufacturer offers is lethality and durability. These two selling points make SIK Broadheads more dependable and lethal in the field. If a bowhunter knows the broadhead can withstand a pass-through, no matter the shot angle, he or she will be more confident and comfortable placing a lethal shot on that trophy of a lifetime. A bowhunter’s equipment pales in comparison to skill when it comes to overall importance in bringing home the venison bacon. Being able to put the arrow where it needs to go is the most important part of bowhunting. The right skills coupled with the right equipment will allow a bowhunter to have a successful hunt and have the confidence needed to make the shot count.

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Jason Ashe
Jason Ashe is an avid whitetail deer enthusiast and avid hunter from the finger lakes region of New York. A full time social media specialist in the outdoor industry and habitat specialist with Mid-Lakes Whitetails, Jason has been featured in such publications as Quality Whitetails numorouse times and been paired with hunting greats in Outdoor Life for his knowledge and passion for hunting mature deer. Turkeys, Coyotes also top the list of game that Jason pursues in any down time he has from whitetails. He consideres himself lucky to have whitetails and hunting be a part of everyday life. His wife Laura also shares in his passions along with their 2 children.