Brown bears are not an animal you normally want to get close to.

Having lived in Alaska for a while in my early twenties, I know that bears like to fish out of the same waters as most humans. It feels at times as though it’s impossible to get away from the dangerous critters.

American Hunter‘s Phil Shoemaker tells the story of how an outfitter had to shoot a grizzly with a 9mm to save a fisherman.

Larry and his wife were fishing with me, and because we were going to a small stream I had fished before, which had numerous large male brown bears, I decided to take my Smith & Wesson 3953 DAO 9mm, rather than the S&W 629 .44 Mag. Mountain Gun I have carried for the past 25 years, as the larger boars are usually less of a problem than sows with cubs… [continued]

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