Women are a growing force in hunting and shooting and manufacturers are taking notice and producing products specifically for them.  Clothing manufacturers now offer lines of camouflage gear for gals and youngsters.  You won’t see women jogging or at work in their husband’s or boyfriends clothing. Why should they wear them afield?

Firearms Too

Without being sexist, it’s fair to say that many females have shorter arms than adult males and therefore a traditional rifle or shotgun won’t fit them.  If the distance from their shoulder to the trigger (length-of-pull) is loo long, the firearm is difficult to mount, sight and shoot effectively.  With this problem in mind two manufacturers have produced guns that are designed for women or those with a shorter length-of-pull.

The Outdoor Life Review

“Both Weatherby and Syren USA are gearing up to meet the challenge and demand for rigorously designed, quality firearms for women. After putting hundreds of shells and rounds through the Syren XLR5 Waterfowler and Weatherby Camilla over six months of testing and hunting, here are my impressions.

Weatherby Camilla

weatherby camilla shotgun

The Camilla’s radical stock configuration better fits a woman’s body.


Camilla was Roy Weatherby’s wife, and by all accounts she was a class act. So it is fitting that Weatherby’s first women’s-specific rifle carries her name. After range testing, I took the Camilla hunting in Namibia.”