Hunting success is often a mixture of patience, persistence, and gear performance.  When you know you are in the right spot when deer or elk move, patience is a virtue.  When weather suddenly turns bad, or the season winds down, persistence will win the day.  And, when you only get one shot, you want to have every advantage for success.  For firearm hunters, their ammo says it all.

One Week, One Shot

The author got one shot and made it count.

I’m a member of a group that books an elk camp deep in the White River National Forest each year.  Elk are always present, yet in the steep terrain and heavy dark-timbered forests, you know you’ll rarely get more than one chance.  We hunt on our own without a guide and select locations where we hope elk will pass.  The year Hornady introduced their Superformance ammunition, I tested it on that hunt.  On day four, I spotted a bull within easy range, yet couldn’t get a read on its rack.  Eventually, the bull slipped into a patch of dense oak brush and vanished.  I scoured the sea of brown leaves intently and finally saw the bull emerge in a tiny opening.  I raised my rifle and fired and thanks to the powerful ammo, downed the bull at the bottom of a canyon.

New Ammo, New Bullet

Precision Hunter is loaded with the ELD-X bullet, an extremely advanced all-range hunting bullet. Featuring a Heat Shield tip, the ELD-X bullet defies the effects of aerodynamic heating and retains its shape to maintain highest-in-class BCs throughout the projectile’s entire trajectory. Precision Hunter ammunition is loaded in 14 popular calibers from 6mm Creedmoor up to 30-378 Weatherby Mag.  Hornady was the first ammunition manufacturer to discover that plastic ballistic tips deform due to heat.  For full details, check out this YouTube video and visit