Do you wish you had your very own trophy room to display your memories from past hunting and fishing trips? Most guys probably do. A place where you can go to hangout, and enjoy some time remembering good excursions.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect place to do that? A place that will let you relive your hunts, where you can share your experiences with family and friends. Well, it’s not as hard as you might think.

Dan Stefanich shares his ideas for a trophy room.

Outdoorsmen and women often bring the outdoors world inside by preserving their trophies through taxidermy. It’s a great way to turn a living room, den, man cave or a dedicated room into the place to keep and admire trophies. But it’s not just a place to hang dead fish and animals. It’s a memory room — a place where you can relive past hunts, remember the adventures, and appreciate your accomplishments. It can tell a story about your adventures and inspire conversation. A well-designed trophy room also enables others a way to see who you are as an outdoorsmen— giving family, friends and visitors a glimpse into your passion… [continued]

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Photo: Dan Stefanich