Frozen venison can be as elusive in the freezer as the creature was in the woods! It’s not uncommon to find two or three packs of venison steaks lurking beneath some packaged goods or hiding behind a frozen turkey. Even if the meat is several years old, as long as it’s not freezer burned, it can be ground into hamburger and will be tasty on the grill. Master butcher Steve Wild shows how to grind fresh venison in this YouTube post from Team Wild TV, and you can do the same thing with frozen venison — as long as you don’t re-freeze it. Wild uses Weston venison processing machines, demonstrating how easy it can be to prepare your own harvest. Personally, I like to mix ground venison with ground sausage or ground beef, which adds more fat to the mix and helps to keep the burgers juicy. Season them to taste and you’ll have a great healthy meal for the whole gang.

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