If you’re a savvy deer hunter, you probably know all the tricks — rattling, grunting, false scrapes, scent elimination, and more.

Here’s a new one that’s easy to deploy, and you pretty much can’t get it wrong. Want a way to bring big bucks to your stand and keep them there for an easy shot? Then this Bowhunting.com article is a must-read.

It seems as though there aren’t many new methods for taking a buck these days. It almost seems as though every tactic for killing big bucks has already been brought to the table. That is what I thought until I spoke with Iowans Todd Pringnitz and Ted Miller from White Knuckle Productions. What they taught me was that there is an exciting new method out there for drawing in bucks. It is the horizontal rub post. That’s right. Horizontal… [continued]

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