The “dog days of summer” have a double meaning. Sure it may be hot and humid, but you can’t expect your canine wonder to perform with aplomb if he’s only been laying in the shade all summer. Just like spring training in baseball and pre-season in football, now is the time to make sure that your favorite hunting partner will be in top form for fall. SportingDog TV offers an informative post on OutdoorHub with tips to get your dog ready:

Howard Photos 2 075Success starts for your four-legged friend with a regimented summer. To expect a dog to step out on the prairie or marsh without an issue sets them up for failure. The best-trained dog is worked on months before the season opens. Obedience is key with your hunting partner. A refresher course on when to go, how far to travel, and a crisp return go a long way when worked on in June, July, and August. The excitement of the hunt will cause your floppy-eared companion to forget at times that they are not self-employed in the field. Take your dog out and work with them on the simple yet important commands of sit, down, and here. Touch them up on their whistle commands so you don’t have to yell while trying to recall your hunting partner…

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Joe Byers
Joe Byers has more than 1,000 magazine articles in print and is currently a field editor with Whitetail Journal, Predator Xtreme, Whitetails Unlimited, Crossbow Revolution, and African Hunting Journal magazines. He’s spent the last three decades depicting the thrill of the chase and photographing the majesty of all things wild. Byers is a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association and numerous other professional and conservation organizations.