Hunting is physically and mentally motivating.  Last year I booked a high-country Colorado elk hunt and lost 20 pounds getting fit for the adventure.  At 72, I’ve never been in such good shape because that elk quest was on my mind.  When I didn’t feel like exercising or following a healthy diet, Mr. Wapiti kept me on course. Whether you dream of an African safari, an Alaskan adventure, or hunting the American West, you can make that dream a reality.

Dream hunt help motivate your mental and physical well being.

Dream hunts are relative and different for each of us.  Some want to chase bears, some deer, while wing shooting in foreign lands captivates others.  Often these hunting dreams are unfulfilled due to lack of information.  Hunters think they are too expensive or remote, yet one location transforms dreams into reality every year.

Destination Reno

Reno Nevada and the Safari Club International Convention is the best place to hunt down that dream hunt.  You will see mounted specimens of almost every game animal in the world often in spectacular interactive displays.  You can meet and talk personally with other hunters who share your dream and ask question of the outfitters that offer that adventure.

At SCI you can speak directly to outfitters from around the world.

Safari Club International is such a positive conservation force in hunting that outfitters from around the world donate millions of dollars of hunts that are raffled and auctioned off to support the cause.  Information about these donated hunts can be found on the SCI website and many members attend the convention with the expressed intent to bid on them.

Fun Times as Well

When 30,000 people assemble from around the world, you can bet they also want to have fun.  Great hunting information and entertainment make this the perfect couple event.  Bring your wife or favorite gal so that you can enjoy the convention during the day and party-hearty at night.  Visit the website for a list of the headlining entertainers for Wednesday through Saturday.

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