Hunting The Rut: The Hunting Pages Rut Tracker 2018

Hunting the Rut: The Hunting Page  Has You Covered


Believe it or not deer season is fast approaching, before you know it, you’ll be hunting the rut—or will you? It’s no secret that the best time to hunt trophy whitetail is during the rut. The big guys are on their feet and all kinds of crazy deer activity is going on.

Coming Soon Rut Tracker 2018

Rut Tracker 2018! Stealth Cam GSM Outdoors Wildlife Research Center, inc. #RutTracker2018 #DS4K

Posted by Hunting on Saturday, September 8, 2018

The whitetail rut builds over time, peaks then gradually winds down, the whole show lasts roughly a month but there are only a handful of days when the hunting is going to be amazing, if you miss those days you will be missing the “greatest show in earth”, it’s worse than missing the birth of your first born, or the Super Bowl, or worse.

But worry not, The Hunting Page has you covered. Our deer experts have been tracking the rut for over twenty years, and we have it down to a science. We tell you when the rut starts to form, track it as it builds and tell you when it is “peaking”, we’ll tell you when to get in the woods (and stay there) and we’ll tell you when you can watch the game on TV.  Our Stealth Cams are set, our team of whitetail watchers are in place, and the deer data will start rolling in shortly.

Our rut reporting season kicks off September 20. We’ll start the conversation on Facebook and continue it on our website, we will post weekly until things get cranking, then you can expect to hear from us on at least a bi-weekly  until the rut winds down, just stay tuned to  because when it comes to hunting deer, The Hunting Page  has you covered.