The Byers Media spring turkey hunt was extremely successful with most hunters filling both tags.  We hope that you have enjoyed the videos.  Here’s a quick look at the gear that helped assure success.

Aguila Ammunition–  In an era where .22 rimfire ammo is in short supply, step up Aguila, one of the world’s leading rimfire ammunition manufacturer.  Aguila manufactures rimfire, varmint, and 2 ¾ shot shells that are of high quality, affordable, and most importantly “available.”  Several hunters in our camp used the 2 ¾ loads for turkey instead of the heavy recoiling magnum loads with excellent success.  Their unique 1 3/4-inch Minishell is one of a kind.  Look for this brand at your favorite sporting goods store (Such as Cabelas) or visit

Rocky Mounting Calls– If you are a diaphragm call user, you will love the elevated portion of Rocky Mountain Turkey Tone diaphragms that fit flush against the palate of your mouth.  This small improvement makes blowing various calls easier and more effective.  With several diaphragm cuts to choose from, it’s easy to pick a winner.  Likewise, their compact Turkey Strutter box call is designed to work without chalk which is so easy to lose.

Irish Setter Boots– The Vaprtrek LS boot I wore were lightweight, water proof, and camouflaged in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.  Technically, they were hunting boots, but they fit and felt like sneakers.  They were easy-on and handled the mud, slushy snow, and slippery terrain with aplomb.  They were a hit in turkey season and you can bet they’ll be on my feet in deer and elk season.  Once you find effective gear, you wear it every chance you get.

Traeger Pellet Smoker Grills– Grilling is great, but smoking is better.  Sure, you can turn out a plate full of burgers and hotdogs as with gas or charcoal, yet once you taste the unique flavor smoking provides, you’ll never think of grilling the same.  We put a slab of prime rib on the Traeger at noon, turned the smoker to low and by day’s end it was perfectly medium rare.  Not a morsel was left. 

Hi Mountain Seasoning– We found that this unique line of seasonings was the perfect complement to the Traeger smoking grill.   Additionally, we made turkey sausage from the surplus birds taken in camp, using both breast and thigh meat.  Blended with 25 percent pork, we feasted each morning on breakfast sausage as well as freezing links to take home.

Horton Crossbow–  I’ve used Horton and TenPoint crossbows on previous hunt and was excited to test the new reverse limb RDX.   I sighted in the bow with just a few arrows and tipped my carbon shafts with the new TruGlo Titanium X expandable head.  My field test didn’t last long as I killed a strutting tom with a neck shot a few hours into the first day.  This bow is fast, quiet, and cocks easily with the ACUdraw cocking system.

Under Armour Forest Camo– I had the chance to use the new Forest pattern which blended very well with the emerging green vegetation of the Great Plains.  Aside from the pattern, the new duds are well engineered.  My pull-over had a built-in hood and face mask that helped to insulate against the every-blowing wind and instantaneously covered my face.   Equally unique are the zippered muff pockets that make storing and retrieving small items a snap.  Because the pockets can be zipped, you don’t worry about losing your cell phone, box caller, or other range finder. 

Swagger Bi-Pod– One of the most creative products on the trip was totally new to me.  The Swagger bi-pod helps a shotgun or rifle shooter take a proper rest, yet does so with many more stances than usual.  The pods pop from the container that stored under the barrel and then flex to meet about any shooting angle.  Turkey hunters can rest their shotgun in the ready position and just raise-and-shoot when that boggler appears.  Because the bipods can swivel and flex, you can adjust your sighting to a moving target in seconds without adjusting the legs.  A very unique product. 

Hornady Turkey Loads– Hornady makes turkey loads?  Yes, and boy do they work.  Give the technological history of this ammunition company, is it any wonder that they would produces a very effective turkey load.  You can choose from shot size #4, #5, or #6 and get long-range, hard hitting patterns from this iconic name.

Morrell Targets– Bowhunting spring gobblers is a real challenge, as much for the aiming process as getting close.  Unlike deer that have a distinct shoulder to sight on, wild turkey gobblers are 50 percent feathers and the kill zone is very small.  Kudos to Morrell for their anatomically correct block targets that show the vitals of a wild turkey in a format that is affordable and transportable.  This is gear that every bowhunter should own.