You will notice the penetration difference right away.  As you practice on a 3-D or foam target, AXIS 6MM arrows will penetrate farther than traditional diameter shafts.  Recognizing the importance of penetration to bowhunters, Under Armour has teamed up with Easton to deliver an exciting new product.

Tested in Africa

6mm arrows penetrated large African game well.

I have used the Axis small-diameter arrows for a decade, first testing them on African plains game.  Unlike North American game like deer and elk, nature positioned the vitals of African antelope between their shoulders, not behind them.  As a result, an archer must shoot through the muscle of the shoulder to reach the vitals.  On several safaris, I got complete penetration on deer-to-elk size game shooting just 60 pounds and an NAP Big Nasty broadhead, specifically designed for Axis shafts.  The decreased diameter produces less friction after the hit and the arrow penetrates deeper into the animal.

Transferring to North America, my last two elk fell to Axis shafts as well.  The first was complete penetration on a quartering away animal at 60 yards with a one-inch 3-blade head and the second a broadside shot at 44 using the Big Nasty. In each case, i shot just 60 pounds.

Official Launch

Complete penetration at 44 yards with Axis shaft and Big Nasty broadhead.

Easton is the pioneer in micro-diameter arrows that first came into the hunting scene in 2004. Micro shafts offer less friction making them the most effective hunting arrows and are popular among bowhunters for higher levels of penetration and downrange velocity. The new AXIS wears Under Armour’s Ridge Reapercamo. The 6MM small diameter resists crosswinds to improve shot placement and offers less friction for better big game penetration. The new AXIS Under Armour will be produced in Easton’s Utah factory and will come equipped with RPS inserts and 6MM nocks.

Other features:

  • Pre-installed 6MM (H) Nocks
  • RPS 8-32 inserts
  • Reduced-diameter carbon
  • MSRP: $69.99 half-dz

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