There are a lot of things that can make or break a hunt.  Many think of shot placement, how the guide service was, weather and more.  Many do not take into consideration what hunting boot they are wearing on there feet.

I recently returned from a deer hunt at Genesis Whitetails in Illinois.  To say that good footwear was important in the uneven terrain is an understatement.

I can only guess how many miles we walked in the days it took for me to scout and to fill my deer tag.  And, it was no walk in the park either.  On this hunt I chose to wear a pair of Irish Setter’s Ravine.

We did a lot of walking while scouting, finding the best stand location and getting to and from our stands every day.  Walking over uneven terrain, crossing small streams, and experiencing mild temperatures, these boots were perfect.

Normally, I like to break my boots in before trekking through the woods miles from another pair of boots.  Not doing so is only asking for sore feet and blisters.

After trying these boots on for the first time, I felt comfortable enough to wear them hunting the next day.  Weighing in at 3 pounds 2 ounces, these leather boots proved their weight in gold as we were on all feet all day long, day after day.

So, how does Irish Setter explain the Ravine?

Irish Setter® Ravine boots offer comfort while hunting or hitting the trail. These lightweight boots feature EnerG technology underfoot. The EnerG material provides comfort and sustained support through an energy-returning core sandwiched between midsole and outsole. The Anti-Torsion Chassis offers great underfoot support on uneven or rocky ground. A rubber outsole with multi-tiered lugs provides superior traction on uneven terrain and self-cleaning lugs shed debris with every step. A contoured last mirrors foot shape for excellent fit. Lace-to-toe eyelets help customize the fit. The uppers provide other comfort and performance features like quick dry linings which wick away foot moisture, UltraDry™ waterproofing for long-lasting protection, a memory foam collar for instant comfort, a Cushin™ Comfort Tongue that provides comfort in the shin area and ScentBan™ scent control that eliminates odors within the boot. Armatec™ technology adds durability and abrasion resistance in high wear areas of the heel and toe.

Select Ravine Boots now have the unique BOA® lacing system to make it faster and easier to get in and out of lace-up boots.

The hunt finally came to a success when on the fifth morning a giant whitetail buck walked out from the woods to feed in a patch of turnips.  This proved to be a fatal mistake.

Lining up the crosshairs of the Hawke crossbow scope, I settled the scope for a 30-yard shot and squeezed the trigger of the PSE Fang LT.  With a thud, the buck took a direct hit, and died almost instantly.

A lot of things went into making this hunt a success.  Scouting, quality deer habitat, and a lot of deer to hunt are normally what hunters think of when it comes to being a successful deer hunter.   But, first and foremost you need to protect your feet or you will not be on them long enough to get a shot off.

There are a lot of quality boots on the market for hunting.  Depending on your needs, maybe a pair of rubber boots might be better suited in wet conditions, insulated boots in extreme cold, or a boot with good stability when hunting in moderate terrain.  Do your homework to find out what is best for you, then research the different boots that fit your needs.