Hunters are always looking for that special hunt on an animal not native to our land.  An exotic hunt that will provide a lifetime of memories and a beautiful addition to any trophy room.  Hunters can do one of two things.  First, they can travel to a far-off land and spend lots of money on a hunt where they may or might not have success.  Or secondly, they can stay right here in the good old United States and have a thrilling hunt that will provide a lifetime of memories.  And, the good news it is a lot cheaper than traveling halfway across the country and the odds for success are a lot better.

After deciding I wanted to do some exotic hunting, I began doing some research into what I wanted to hunt, the amount it would cost, and where I would get the best bang for my buck.

Spending countless hours on the internet and phone talking to references I narrowed down my choice to Razzor Ranch near Arcadia, Florida.  Razzor Ranch has a large variety of animals to choose from, and everyone I talked with went on and on about the great staff, lodging and amazing food.

Booking the hunt after talking with the owner, Larry William, I was satisfied I made the right choice.

Arriving at the ranch, we sighted in our bows and guns and made a game plan for that night.  We would attempt some spot and stalk style of hunting our first night out.  The animals lived up to our expectations.  We saw a lot of animals in just about every size category imaginable.  But, getting a shot was a different story.  These our wild animals and if you are under the impression hunting at Razzor Ranch would be a slam dunk, think again.  You are going to hunt for your trophy.

After some failed stalks, we called it a night and hashed out a game plan for the following morning while enjoying a delicious dinner.  Because I chose to use my bow, I was going to sit in a two-man ladder stand over a well-used trail and my partner would continue his stalking.

Not long after first light, the Axis began making their way down the trail that led within 15-yards of my stand.  Finding a nice axis cull buck I wanted, I settled my 15-yard pin behind his shoulder and let an arrow fly.

Almost instantly, crimson blood began flowing and my Axis buck was on the ground.  A dream come true.  My partner did not succeed that morning, but later in the evening he was also able to connect on a nice Axis cull buck as well.

Returning home to Illinois, I couldn’t wait to try the meat.  All I heard from people when I was doing research for this hunt was how good Axis meat was compared to other venison.  I have to admit it is some of the best tasting meat I have ever had.

I am already planning my next hunt to Razzor Ranch for some more exotic hunting.  My thoughts this time are to combine a Fallow deer hunt with either a wild hog or alligator.  Heck, maybe all three.