Turkey Calling Tips from a Pro

Hunter’s Specialties’ pro hunter, Matt Morrett, has won the World Friction Championship five times, the Grand National Championship once and the U.S. Open Turkey Calling Championship seven times and he shares a few serets

The real secret to consistently taking turkeys is to sound like a real hen turkey when you’re calling. I realize this sounds like a very simple answer; however, it’s really not. Here are some steps for you to follow to up your changes of taking turkeys this spring.

Sound Like a Real Turkey Hen:

With the newer and better technology that we have today, call makers like HS Strut, can use that technology to duplicate the sounds a live turkey hen makes. However, the caller must add the rhythm, the pitch and the sound to the call to make it produce the sounds of a live hen turkey. The best way to sound like a real turkey hen is to listen to a hen turkey when she’s vocalizing and make those sounds that live turkey hens make. Also Hunter’s Specialties has a video called, “Real Strut Talk,” that contains only wild turkey hens calling. By watching this video, seeing how the hens call, the cadence they call with and how they more-or-less mumble or sing under their breath when they’re feeding aids you in duplicating those sounds.

I’ve had the opportunity to hunt Morrett several times and he’s as good in the woods as on the calling circuit. Check out his tips at hunterspec.com.