While virtually every major brand of modern arrow broadhead is deadly on deer when your shot is placed correctly on an animal, mechanical or expandable heads are arguably the easiest to tune and shoot accurately because they fly precisely as do field points. This is why I’ve come to use expandable broadheads like Rage exclusively for whitetail deer hunting for nearly 12 years. I like the 2-blade heads, which facilitate penetration, since I’m also convinced that some kinetic energy is lost with expandable blades. For that reason I prefer two blades over three blades, because an exit hole on an animal from a tree stand is crucial to creating a good blood trail and quick and easy recovery. Giant blades opening on contact with hide no doubt diminishes some energy that can be better used for penetration. So I opt for two blades over three, and use the highest quality and best performing ones available.

The Rage Hypodermic broadhead is a rear-delploying head that has a 2-inch cutting diameter when the blades deploy


You need a broadhead that will fly straight and accurate and hit the target where you place your aiming point. The broadhead needs to make the right-sized cutting hole inside the animal. The broadhead needs to have enough cutting power to go to the heart of the vitals of the animal. You also want the broadhead to stay intact once it enters the animal. The last thing you want is the broadhead to break off once it hits the animal or breaks apart once it enters the animal. If any of these scenarios occur you can forget about bringing down that game. Rage Broadheads fit the bill for all of these scenarios.

With some mechanical broadheads creating a 1-2 inch cutting diameter, you’ll see a lot more tissue damage. A cutting diameter this large from a Rage is impossible with a fixed blade head and the blood trails from a Rage mechanical sometimes look like they were created with a bucket of blood. On a bad shot, such as a gut shot, a mechanical can be a life saver since it can cause a lot more internal damage. There are many people who criticize mechanical heads for bad shots and say that they do not open after impact. Test after test has been done and mechanicals very rarely do not open after impact. They are built this way and a rear deploying blade is almost certain to open on impact.

Some of the best attributes of the Rage Hypodermic Broadhead are below:

    • Super sharp tip for deep puncture
    • Very wide and lethal 2-inch cut
    • Small diameter so that it flies similar, if not completely, like a field point
    • Extremely sharp blades

At the heart of any successful hunting venture, is having the best equipment available. This includes having the best expandable broadheads in your arsenal. The arrow heads are singularly the most important pieces of hunting equipment you may carry.I’m a firm believer in Rage broadheads, and I also believe the bigger the head, the more tissue damage that results, and the faster an animal goes down. To see the complete lineup go to https://www.feradyne.com/rage-broadheads/