Whitetail deer hunters far outnumber their forked-horn brethren, yet even the most passionate eastern hunter lights up at the impressive head gear carried by the average mule deer. A record book muley is one of the nation’s most difficult trophies, due to declining numbers and falling age structure, but here’s some good news.

Mule Deer on Indian Reservations 2

Get ready, hunters: Montana mule deer are thriving, which means more hunting opportunity this fall. Thanks to several consecutive mild winters and strategic habitat management, fawn survival is up and herd numbers are naturally rebounding. Five years ago, Montana mule deer were hit hard by harsh winters, leading to a drop in numbers. While weather conditions and other factors naturally keep wildlife numbers in check, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) officials want to keep mule deer from suffering severe fluctuations whenever possible… [continued]

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