Hunting from a ground blind is becoming increasingly popular. Some blinds are slightly elevated while others are built like shooting houses from the South. Blinds help conceal movement, yet game can see through windows and shooting openings. The darker the inside the better and if the hunter is dressed in dark clothing, so much the better.

Inside and Out

The pattern background is black without looking like a bear.

A hunter could wear all black, yet many archers and gun hunters stalk toward their blinds or hunt them intermittently. It’s not good to sneak around the woods dressed as a black bear (especially in season) so Mossy Oak has created a “black” version of their camouflage to meet both needs. Here are the details:

Mossy Oak introduces its innovative Eclipse pattern, the first ever design created specifically for hunting from inside a ground blind. Eclipse features a black overlay version of Mossy Oak’s popular Break-Up Country pattern with cutout portions exposing the pattern, erasing the human outline inside a blind. Where lighter camo options stand out when worn inside a ground blind, Eclipse disappears.

Ground Blinds More Popular

The use of ground blinds for hunting has increased exponentially in recent years and has become a preferred method of hunting, with 64% of hunters using ground blinds (True North Marketing 2016).

“A number of factors contribute to this growth including safety, ease of use, low cost blinds and how well blind hunting is suited to mentoring new hunters,” said Chris Paradise, Chief Sales Officer for Mossy Oak. “To be most effective while hunting from a blind, the interior of a ground blind needs to be as dark as possible to hide the hunter. Until now, there hasn’t been an effective camouflage solution to address the ground blind environment.”

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