We’ve all heard of tapping into maple trees to gather sap with which to make fresh syrup. What many don’t realize is that you can do the same thing with black walnut trees.

Not as popular as maple syrup, black walnut trees can produce a quality syrup that some enjoy as much as maple syrup. Hobby Farms has the step-by-step guide.

Maple trees aren’t the only sugar bushes that offer the prime ingredient for delicious syrup—sap can be tapped from birch, walnut, sycamore, boxelder and ironwood trees, as well. Where I live in Kentucky, we don’t have many sugar maples, but walnut trees are everywhere. The trees were once used for their nut crop or as a timber source to be cut down and sold to support a farmer’s retirement. Syrup tapping is rare in these parts, but when I came across several articles about tapping walnut trees for their sap, I knew I had to try it… [continued]

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