A portable shooting bench is one of the most useful tools a hunter or shooter can have. Last year, I bought a ton of chances on a portable table only to have a guy with one chance win the prize.  Undaunted, I bought it from him and still did better than retail. Since that time, I’ve used it more than any other product and having the “pop-up” shooting bench helps make practice and shooting more precise.

Portability is the Key

Practice sitting or standing.

Whether you are patterning a shotgun, testing broadhead and fieldpoint performance of a crossbow, setting up a scope, or a dozen other shooting situations, having a solid rest and a place to set your tools is invaluable.  In a couple of years, the cost savings in ammo will probably pay for the table.

Great Name- Great Product

I’ve used MTM CASE-GARD products over the years with excellent success.  The company produces products that solve problems and meet specific needs and the new High-Low Shooting Table is as unique as it is functional.  Here’s a quick summary of it’s attributes:

High-Low Shooting Table Features:

• Extreme, high and low adjustability with three legged stability
• Designed for field use or uneven ground, even the side of a hill
• Roomy 17” x 33” table surface, large enough to hold rifle and handgun rests, ammo and tools
• Table adjusts from a low 18” all the way up to a standing 55”
• Ridged polypropylene top with engineering-grade, tripod bottom
• Color: Dark Earth
• MSRP: $139.99

For more information check their website at http://www.mtmcase-gard.com.