Ethical hunters take every precaution to harvest animals as quickly and humanly as possible.  Yet, sometimes, things go wrong and an bullet or arrow misses its intended mark and wounds an animal instead of killing it on the spot.  If this occurs, hunting ethics require the sporting person to take every measure possible measure to track and retrieve the animal.

24-hour Track

It just doesn't feel right when you leave one in the field. However, when you stick with the game, sometimes it turns out like this. #SavageArms #Hornady #SwaggerBipods #IrishSetterBoots #ALPSOutdoorZ

Posted by Hunting on Saturday, 10 November 2018


Hunters must track and retrieve any wounded animal that escapes.

This video shows a hunter taking a high percentage on a deer at a reasonable range, yet the bullet did not hit the vitals.  No doubt the animal’s adrenaline flow helped it escape, yet the hunter did not give up and pursued the animal the following day.  Finally, after hours of searching, the big buck was located and the hunt concluded.  Persistence pays as this video demonstrates: