Deer hunters know that the first things to do upon harvesting a deer is put a permit on it and get it field dressed to start the cooling process. That could all change, though. Would you consider never having to gut a deer again? The online editors of Field and Stream demonstrate how to make that chore a thing of the past. Be sure to check your state laws to make sure this is legal where you hunt.

Step One: Remove the Front Quarter

With the deer lying on its side, stand behind the shoulder and lift the near front leg. Run your knife blade across the thin skin of the armpit. The front quarter is free-floating (no bone attaches to the skeleton). Separate it by progressively working the knife underneath the leg and shoulder as you pull the leg up and away from the rib cage. Follow the contour around the top of the scapula closely to avoid cutting into the backstrap. (You can reduce your load by skinning and boning the quarters, or just pack them out intact.)

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Photo: Field and Stream