After years of success in the burlap wrapped foam decoy market, Fowl Foolers has stepped into the full body goose field decoy market with the introduction of its Flex Neck Decoy. Its Flex Neck technology looks to set it apart from every other full body decoy on the market. Take a look:

Every full body goose decoy spread has the typical poses; such as the sentry, feeder, rester, and sleeper. Some manufacturers have even offered such poses as a calling goose, but the one thing the Flex Neck offers that none of the others offer is complete flexibility.

As its name implies, not only is the neck of the decoy completely flexible to allow you to put it in any position desired, but it offers you flexibility in your decoy spread. It allows you to modify your spread and present it to the often weary, feathery, jumbo jets differently than everyone hunting around you. This is what really sets it apart from every other decoy on the market.

We have all hunted in fields surrounded by other hunters and know how tough the wise and weary Canada goose can be. Having your typical spread augmented by the Flex Neck will increase your success in the field. On average, we recommend a dozen flex necks to every three dozen full bodies or shells you are currently using and one dozen flex necks to every five dozen silhouettes in the field.

These Flex Neck decoys should be used as sleepers, hissers, and callers. They should be mixed in with the rest of your spread in various positions. You can also use them as feeders and resters with their neck “posed” in a different position than your standard full body decoys for an even more realistic spread. We also recommend putting a Flex Neck in the calling position at each end of your pit or blind to increase the realism as you and your buddies are calling in flock after flock.

The decoy is made of a solid foam body and wrapped in burlap using Fowl Foolers own patent pending glue. The glue dries harder than the typical mastic type of glue and more importantly, it’s 65% lighter! The decoy comes with a round base wire stand permanently mounted inside the decoy. With the durability of the decoy, you can confidently throw them around the field, from the trailer, or back into the truck as you’re using them. They are nearly indestructible!

Try adding Fowl Foolers Flex Neck full body decoys to your spread and see how those geese that used to look at your spread while taking a few passes start locking up, and coming in. You’re going to like what you see, but more importantly, so will they.

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