Did you ever wonder what happens to deer during a thunderstorm?  Are they terrified, hiding behind a large tree or tucked under a ledge?  Perhaps running about as lightening flashes overhead?  This Stealth Cam video shows the reaction of one buck and it’ probably now what you expect.

Accustomed to the Sound

My favorite rifle range is part of a hunting area and its not uncommon to cease firing as a deer wonders onto the range.  The sound of high-powered rifles don’t disturb them because they grow up hearing the loud sound.  Perhaps that’s why deer may not fear the flash of a trail camera since it’s similar to a lightening flash.

Enough deer psychology.  Check out this cool video from the Outdoor Hub:

Storm ? What storm ? Doesn't phase this buck one bit. More amazing footage from the new DS4K ! #proven

Posted by Stealth Cam on Saturday, July 22, 2017