Ground blinds are becoming an increasingly popular option. By far more comfortable and less dangerous than perching in a tree, hunting from ground level has the added excitement of greater closeness to game and the “72-inch” big-screen view. When a buck, bear, or gobbler walks right in front of your blind, the rush is incredible. Nicole Reeve is a pro-staff member with ScentBlocker, a mom, and a TV host. Here, she shares her tips for making the most of a ground blind on the ScentBlocker blog.

Here's how to take monster bucks from ground blinds.
Here’s how to take monster bucks from ground blinds.

Make Sure You’re Totally Concealed

We love to hunt food sources like corn and beans. We’ll often set up a ground blind inside the standing corn and cover it with corn stalks. After we’re finished, that blind looks like a big beaver lodge covered with corn. All you can see from the outside are two black holes where the windows are located. We always keep the front windows open for filming and bow hunting purposes. However, we never open the windows behind us because we don’t want to be silhouetted. We make sure the background behind us is totally dark. Sometimes we even wear darker clothes inside the blind to keep everything as dark as possible. ScentBlocker’s Black Out gear is perfect for ground blind hunting… [continued]

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