Tracking the Rut 11-01-2018

                                                    (Rut Meter 50%)

November Rut Tracker

Things are heating up in the Whitetail woods! #RutTracker2018

Posted by Hunting on Friday, November 2, 2018


The Hunting Page rut meter has jumped again, it is beginning to happen, at a solid 50% we are seeing plenty of rut-like activity. Just not everywhere – every time. The does are still “on the feed” but the bucks are in the “starting gate” and ready to go. It is nothing to see a wall hanger buck just standing near a bedded doe or staring at a group of does while they feed, and then keep on feeding. Eventually he loses his patience and rushes the group, or just loses interest and moves on hoping to get lucky, hope springs eternal in pre-rut bucks. The doe-fawn groups are beginning to be separated and the does are giving the bucks plenty of room, (you never know when a buck’s testosterone will make him forget his manners).


There are plenty of bucks on their feet during daylight hours. keeping them coming out in the open with products.

This is classic pre-rut behavior, the bucks hanging out, and the does feeding like they haven’t eaten for weeks, every day another doe comes into estrus but you never quite know where or when. The lucky bucks in her neighborhood are after and the fun begins, unfortunately the bucks from the next township can only hope and wait, and wander looking for that one doe in a dozen who is “ready”. Right now, only a fraction of the breeding is taking place.

The older aged bucks are just beginning give up their vampire ways and show up on camera during daylight hours, the very same daylight hours when earlier this month, they were back in the thick stuff, taking a snooze, or better yet, simply staying alive. The bucks are beginning to check out any and every place they think they might happen upon a doe. If that doe is close to being in estrus, he might take a short run at her, if she happens to be in estrus an epic chase will ensue. All things considered, the bucks are beginning to make some poor choices when it comes to staying alive, shortly you will know why we say, “The rut makes good hunter of us all”.

Speaking as hunting, we are not quite ready to call “rut on” just yet but the savvy deer hunter won’t be watching the football or raking leaves this weekend. There are plenty of bucks on their feet during daylight hours working our mock scrape sets from If you have a good corridor for a buck to move from one area to another, it might be a good bet. Hunting food is always safe because the does are still on it, and where there are does, there will be bucks. Most of the breeding still lies ahead, but the hunter’s rut we have been waiting for, lies just ahead. The Hunting Page will let you know when it’s time to take those vacation days or call in sick. Stay tuned, it could happen any day now.