Tracking the Rut 11-14-2018

(Rut Meter 95%)


November Rut Tracker "Rut On"

Rut Rumbles have errupted into "Rut On" #RutTacker2018

Posted by Hunting on Friday, 16 November 2018


We told you we would let you know when it was “rut time” and it’s official as of 11-14 2018, the Hunting page is declaring RUT ON! The “hunter’s rut” is officially in full swing over 98 % of the whitetail world, our “rut meter” is reading “red” ready to go “off the scale”.

Our expert deer watchers are burning up the phone lines with “rut on” reports. The older aged bucks are on their feet and no doe is escaping un-harassed. The little guys are giving the big boys plenty of room and the buck you have been waiting for is out there working the does. The old boys that have been primarily nocturnal are showing up during daylight hours in all the usual (and unusual places). If you don’t believe us, ask our local body repair man, his phone rang off the hook last weekend. The fawns have been separated from momma and are running around as if “lost”, the food plots are ‘danger zones’ for any doe who smells remotely of estrus. The does who visit their usual feeding spots are on edge and leave in a hurry, 2-3 hr. feeding sprees are a thing of the past. The woods will be chaotic until the bulk of the breeding has been completed.

Mature bucks are covering as much ground as they can to find estrous does!


Most of the does in whitetail country will be bred in the next few weeks. As more and more does come into estrus, more dominant bucks will be “locked down” with receptive does, distance travel can be minimal. The bucks and does will remain together for 2-3 days until which time the buck moves on looking for another receptive doe. The earliest days of the rut are often the best days to spend the entire day in a tree stand as anything can happen (and often does), the middle to late part of the rut can often be on the quiet side.

Bucks will begin visiting food sources more often to check for available does.

As far as hunting goes, do whatever it takes to get in the woods during the next few days, call in sick, take vacation time, or quit your job, but get into the woods. Right now, it’s all about time in the woods, location is almost secondary, the buck you have been waiting for can show up anytime—any where but he won’t show up in your living room or at the mall. Stay tuned for additional whitetail hunting updates.