Occasionally, wild whitetail deer enter a school, store, or home and the results are a disaster.  The animal feels trapped and tries frantically to escape causing great property damage and occasionally human injury.  Also, rutting bucks often see their reflections in a sliding glass door and crash head-on into that image.  Sometimes, they break through the glass which becomes very ugly for the deer and humans inside.

Chirstmas Miricle

This deer story is very different and without giving too much away has a happy ending for everyone involved.  Captured on a cell phone, this CBS video tells a tale that will be fun to share, especially if you are an avid holiday shopper:

A daring deer caught shoppers by surprise Sunday afternoon at a Beaver County supermarket.

When Alycia Hoffman walked into the Aldi grocery store to get some cheese, she did a double take. Bambi was right there in the aisle in front of her doing some browsing.

“I thought it was really cute,” Hoffman says. “I was really excited and nobody pulled out their phones, so I pulled out my phone.”

As Alycia shot the video with her phone, the wayward deer wandered first one direction and then doubled back to an emergency door.