Call them “quads,” “ATV’s” or “four-wheelers,” but they have changed hunting and brought mobility and utility to the deer hunting world.  Many outdoor minded folks use these compact devices to plant and cultivate food plots.  Manufacturers build sprayers, seeders, disks, and multi-purpose tools that use the quad as a tractor.  The OxCart can be an important addition to your food plot gear.

The ATV market is increasingly becoming the UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) and offer dump beds that can perform great tasks on farms, ranches, and with food plots.  They are also ideal to carry a deer or two back to camp.

More Economical

Managing a food plot is much easier with an OxCart.

These more versatile work machines can do more work, yet do so at a price that is slowly approaching the cost of a mid-size pickup.  Here’s an innovation that is designed to fill the hauling gap with fourwheelers.  Instead of buying a monster machine, you can get a ton of work done (literally) by using this cart.  it’s perfect for farms, ranches, hunting clubs, or anyone who wants to haul gear, feed, corn, fertilizer, and a host of other uses.   It’s the first utility dump cart you can fill full with seed, lime and fertilizer.  It will save you time and your back with pro-grade durability and a hydraulic lift-assist and swivel design to handle dumping heavy loads up to 90% easier.

Here’s the Video

The best way to describe this unit is to demonstrate it and what better way than on Youtube.  Check it out.