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Now you can have the AT-ONE on a pump action too! #Boydsgunstocks

Posted by Hunting on Saturday, May 19, 2018

Introducing Boyds At-One Shotgun Stocks


How boring would it be to open your closet, and only have black and gray clothes to choose from? Worse yet, half of what you see doesn’t fit! Ironically, open most gun safes and cabinets and this is exactly what you see.  Also, even the most expensive guns probably aren’t a good match for your size, shape, and shooting style.  With a Boyds aftermarket Gunstock upgrade, you’ll not only have great-looking options, but they will fit you, and your gun, like a glove.

Most center-fire shooters know the importance of a rifle stock with the correct length of pull and comb height.  These measurements affect trigger function and felt recoil.  Even more important for shotgun users, because pheasants, waterfowl, and bouncing clays don’t afford the shooter the luxury of a shooting rest like most rifle hunters enjoy.


The At-One Stock

Boyds came out with their At-One rifle stock at the beginning of 2017, which was a huge success. With just the push of a button, the stock can be adjusted for length of pull and comb height, along with interchangeable grip and forend options. I was lucky enough to use one of Boyds’ At-One Stocks last deer season, and I was very impressed with the design, feel and ease of use.

Because of the incredible response to the rifle version, Boyds has come out with a shotgun At-One Stock that will be available for two of the most popular shotguns, the Mossberg 500, and the Remington 870. Whether you’re upgrading an old shotgun like I plan to do, introducing turkey hunting to someone with a smaller frame, or would like a shotgun that the whole family can use, you need to check out the Boyds At-One Shotgun Stock.

Your gun, with its new Boyds gunstock, will break that mold, as well as a string of sporting clays, thanks to a great new fit



Meat & Potatoes Make-over

The classic Remington was one of my father’s favorite shotgun brands.  The standard of technology of its time, his Remington accounted for many limits of pheasants and quail, yet sits in the back of my gun safe, where it begs to see the light of day.  Dad liked his barrels choked “full” and with the spring turkey season in full swing, a Remington 870 is about to challenge a bevy of strutting toms that populate the mountains of Western Maryland.

The Remington 870 has a hard-plastic butt plate and a shiny finish on the stock and forend, two elements a Boyds shotgun stock will quickly change.  For about $200, I will replace both with a classy look that also makes great camouflage.


Easy-Peasy Website

The Boyds Custom Gunstock website is very simple to use.  Start with the make and model of the firearm you want to re-stock. Using my example, I selected “Remington,” “870,” and “12-gauge.”  Again, the At-One stock is available for the Mossberg 500 and the Remington 870, but if you’re looking for an option without the adjustments the At-One Stock provides, there is a host of other models to choose from that Boyds also offers. The list is extensive for both rifles and shotguns!

The Boyds website is completely transparent with respect to price.  When you make a choice, the price of that choice is displayed.  Once you select, the make and model of your firearm, you can click through many stock designs.  Pick the most appealing thumbnail image and the stock is shown in its entirety.  Continue with “finish,” “length of pull,” “butt pad,” and finally, “Laser engraving.”


The Price is Right

Customizing a rifle or shotgun may sound expensive.  Most custom-built rifles carry a price tag of three-to-five thousand dollars and that can easily be a starting price.  Consider a custom-built shotgun with special engraving and the price will rise significantly.  Boyds’ pricing is surprisingly modest, and you owe it to yourself (and that special firearm) to consider a new make-over.  Boyds lets you “personalize” a rifle to your liking, without the high cost.


Returning to that closet analogy I mentioned earlier, you will be pleasantly surprised at the attention your new Boyds gunstock will receive.  As you set your newly re-stocked shotgun with others at the sporting clays range, expect for your competition to shoulder your piece with complementary remarks.  From a distance, most shotguns and rifles look alike.  But your gun, with its new Boyds gunstock, will break that mold, as well as a string of sporting clays, thanks to a great new fit.  Visit









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