Corn is America’s favorite vegetable to sit down to during the summer and if you’ve never tried smoked corn before you’re missing something special! The smoked corn on the cob only takes an hour at 225º F and you can do pretty much whatever you like to the corn. I just brushed the corn with olive oil or butter and added salt and pepper. It’s delicious and is a perfect side dish for your venison burgers or steaks.

The smoke comes from flavor woods in the form of chips, chunks, pellets or dust. Each of these forms of wood used for smoking is suited for a range or a particular type of smoking appliance. It all depends, you can put it in a dedicated smoker box, pan, hot plate, over burning coals or even an open fire at camp! To mix it up, you can combine some fresh, home-grown red potatoes. You just can’t beat this summer lineup. To prep the potatoes, we mixed the outside of the potatoes with a combination of garlic butter, sea salt, a dash of ground black pepper (you can use olive oil or anything like that) and rolled the potatoes around in it. I’ve heard that the oil helps make the skin crisper. Just roll the potatoes in the mixture, take them out of the bowl and place them straight onto the smoker and drizzle some of the extra liquid onto the potatoes. Potatoes compliment the smoked corn for a perfect summer combination.

To mix it up, you can combine some fresh, home-grown red potatoes. You just can’t beat it.

You have a wide selection of wood flavors to choose from. Hickory and mesquite wood are very popular for smoking meat. The wood of alder, oak, pecan, maple, and other fruit trees such as cherry, plum, apple and peach are also widely used for smoking. Try soaking your wood chips for 30-40 minutes and allow them to drip-dry before introducing them to the fire.

This is a delicious and easy way to prepare your corn cobs for those fun-filled barbeque weekends! They taste like candy and can go with any barbeque or wild game meal.


  • 4-8 ears of corn
  • Butter/olive oil
  • Salt & pepper or Cajun to taste


  1. Clean off husks and wash corn. Remove all corn silk.
  2. Soak in ice water for 2 hours.
  3. Rub with olive oil or generously coat with butter. Add salt & pepper. Wrap in foil, creating a packet.
  4. Bring the husks back over the cobs and place in the smoker.
  5. Smoke for about 1 hour at 225-240º F.
  6. Aluminum foil helps keep food moist, ensures it cooks evenly, keeps leftovers fresh, and makes clean-up easy.

Try out different wood flavors first, making a note of the wood type and the amount that tasted the best. Mix and match or blend different woods to produce a new flavor. Always start with one wood chunk or a handful of chips of a new wood flavor and then venture out in quantity and variety as you discover, register and monitor your favorite flavor and make sure to add a page in the recipe book for summer sweet corn.

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