Rainy, inclement weather can be a magical time to hunt.  Especially in early to mid-season, animals welcome the cooling effects of rain to feed longer and carry on the rut.  Hunters can move more silently through the woods or mountains and the sound of falling rain can muffle a stalk.  Unfortunately, most rain gear traps heat and can leave a hunter drowning in perspiration.  “It’s wetter inside than outside,” is a common complaint.

Premium Selkirk Rain Gear

I just returned from a grueling elk hunt on which I hunted 98 hours over seven days and walked more than 40 miles between 10-12,000 feet.  Under such conditions, I’d normally carry a full set of rain gear in my pack because getting wet in the high mountains can be life-threatening, not to mention the uncomfortable to hunt.

Pnuma gear is designed with many unique features and is ideal for elk and deer hunting.

Instead of carrying rain gear, I decided to hunt in it.  I ordered a set of Pnuma Selkirk that provided a light top and bottom that made a perfect outer layer.  At first, I wore a Pnuma base layer on the top and bottom since conditions vary widely in the mountains.  This section of Colorado had only received an inch of rain this year and conditions were extremely dry.  I often walked half an hour in the dark toward likely drinking spots when temperatures were below freezing, and then spent the first two hours sitting and watching.

After a few days, I trimmed down the insulation and just wore the pants and a flannel shirt under the top.  The Selkirk material was surprisingly insulating, yet I never felt a perspiration build up.

Built for the Wet

One mark of quality rain gear is the construction of the pockets.  Untaped seams can allow water to seep or drip inside your pockets, which destroys the integrity of keeping dry.  When hypothermia is in the balance, you can’t be “a little wet.”  If your back or bottom is wet you quickly chill and things become dangerous.

Conditions can vary greatly in the mountains.

All of the pockets in the jacket and pant were zippered and taped. I often sat on wet ground while watching water holes, yet never had moisture break through the waterproof barrier.

In the late afternoon when temperatures plummeted, I swapped the Selkirk top for a Pnuma insulator jacket in my pack.  During my marathon week of hunting, I wore the base layer, insulator jacket, and the Selkirk rain suit exclusively, and was never too cold or hot.  This was my first experience wearing rain gear exclusively and I couldn’t have been more satisfied.

Pnuma is a relatively new brand of high-tech hunting gear that’s only available online.  Check out the Selkirk and other programs at www.pnumaoutdoors.com.