We wait eight months to sit in a stand with a bow in our hand and it feels wonderful, yet as the hours pass, it’s easy for your arm to cramp. That’s when you’ll wish you had some way of securely stashing your bow within easy reach should a buck sneak in from behind. Ground blind hunters face a similar problem, where hanging the bow can cause the arrow to clank against the riser, or resting it on the ground fills their nocks with dirt and other forest debris. The folks at Hunter Specialties have a solution to both of these problems with a locking bow holder. Here are the details:

60050006The Limb Lock Bow Holder uses the weight of your bow to close locking jaws around the lower limb. It has a fully adjustable rear cradle to allow it to be custom fit to any bow. It has a support pivot that adjusts the angle of the bow to increase or decrease the grip of the locking jaws. The more the bow leans forward, the tighter the grip.

To operate the Limb Lock Bow Holder, simply set the lower limb of your bow in the rear cradle and lean the bow against the front rest to engage the locking jaws. When you get ready to shoot, simply grab your bow’s grip and lift up, releasing the locking jaws. The Limb Lock Bow Holder helps hunters minimize movement when getting ready for a shot and is fast, strong, and quiet. It comes with a compact folding steel ground stake, a tree stand adapter and sells for a suggested retail price of $39.99.