With cold weather and the hunting season upon us, there’s no better perk-me-up on a cold morning or blustery afternoon than a hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, cider, or other beverage. Thermos bottles work for a while, yet this surprisingly compact stove will heat coffee or cook breakfast in an incredibly small space. Last year, before going into elk camp I stayed in a motel in Craig Colorado where they offered custom omelets. As I stood in line, I was impressed to see the chef cooking on the one-burner Can Cooker stove which says a lot for its dependability. It’s inexpensive to operate and runs on propane or butane. The small propane bottles were selling at three for $10 at Cabela’s the last time I checked.

multifuel2d01ce88-f504-4b26-9147-7cbb84db1176_1.5e6a7be549d7a1174f2cadb99b16bc2aWith an electric ignition, you don’t need matches or batteries and the unit comes in a very portable plastic case. I wouldn’t recommend using it in your tree stand, yet if you hunt from a ground blind or shooting-house blind, it can keep you in hot beverages and grilled cheese sandwiches all day long. Here’s a quick YouTube video that shows how easy this heat source can be.